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          We believe that the future of our country lies in the hands of the youth. It is important that each child has the best opportunities available to him/her during their years  of education. Each classroom should be equipped with the necessary  supplies to educate, as well as the extras to keep the students  motivated and excited about learning. In these times of economic  hardship, some families find it impossible to finance the cost of such  supplies. This means the students sometimes go without proper tools for  learning. Teachers often try to personally supplement their classrooms  with these supplies. Our teachers should not have to bear this extra  expense. We feel that there are many generous people and businesses who  would help these teachers if they knew where and how to reach them.  Learning Lifeline chooses to be that link between the teacher who needs  the supplies and the generous contributors who want to help students get  the best education possible. 

How we started?

          Every year we watched as children went back to school. We heard each  year how parents were struggling to buy the school supplies required. We  agreed that public education was  certainly not free. We heard that teachers were personally paying for  basic supplies so they could teach their classrooms. One such teacher  was one of my own daughters.


          One night as two of my daughters  and I discussed their sister's classroom, we came up with an answer. We  would help supply her classroom. We were excited at the idea.  Later  that evening, Fairon got on the internet with a group from around the  United States. Before she signed off that evening she had people wanting  to help her sister's class and even ordering supplies to be sent. By  the next morning, this mother and daughters group knew we had found a  need we couldn't turn our back on.


The Learning Lifeline was born!


          We knew if the teachers we knew needed help, there must be others. We  could be the link between teachers that needed help getting supplies and  the generous people that wanted to help. When the first boxes of  supplies arrived, we quickly shipped them to "our" teacher. When she  received the package with basics like pencils and erasers and extras  like construction paper and stickers, she was overwhelmed!  And we were  HOOKED!


We hope all that can help will, and all that need help, receive it! 

Now that we officially have Non-Profit status we hope to spread the word far and wide! 

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